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About Me

Hey there, my name is Dominic Eramo! I am a recent graduate from the University of Cincinnati's DAAP program with a BS in Industrial Design.


My passions in design are consumer electronics, accessories, and toy design. I love designing things that people can create memories with. Even from a young age, I have always been fascinated by nostalgic products. Whether that be my infatuation with collecting sneakers or vintage toys and video games, I love products that hold a story. 

I am an organized and hard-working individual but value the balance between work and play. Inspiration for practical design comes from impractical places.

Outside of my design work, I am an avid runner and weight-lifter. I've been fortunate enough to see LeBron take on Luka in Dallas all the way to Giannis bringing home the ring in Milwaukee! Interning in amazing cities just gives me an excuse to bandwagon, I suppose. I also love a good match of Super Smash Brothers, building Gundam model kits, and restoring and customizing sneakers. With my love of creating customized products I found myself documenting my work, which evolved into a love of photography. Here's just a sample of some of the photographs I've taken!

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